Jen And Ted Story


We want to tell you about a real life story. This was shared by our best friends Jen and Ted. They had a rough relationship but was able to overcame the odds that stopped them from loving one another. In this story, love wins.

Jen’s Struggle

Jen is a school teacher while Ted works as a medical representative. They have a beautiful daughter. She’s turning 7 this year. Jen was always busy with work and raising her only child. She said, “I find it hard to find sometime for myself, how I wish I could go back to those days when I’m still free.” She viewed her family life as a prison. She can’t do the things she wanted to do because she was preoccupied with so many things for her family.

Third Party Issue

Ted’s work require him to be in different places, meet new people and hit his quota every month. He was so busy at work that he barely have the energy to help Jen in the house. They don’t talk anymore because it’s either they were too tired at work or they can’t simply find the time. Unknowingly, Ted was longing for companionship and love. Amelia came, his coworker. She was the girl that Jen used to be. Ted fell in love with Amelia and had a romantic relationship with her.


The Unending Quarrel

Jen was starting to notice Ted’s aloofness. She had this instinct that something is going on with Ted. Like normal girls, she did her own investigation. She tried to check Ted’s phone but it already had a password. Now, she was sure that something was going on. She went to Ted’s workplace and discovered about Amelia. It broke her to pieces. When Ted got home that day, Jen confronted her. It turned to an endless discussion. It turned their relationship from cold to bitter.

lonely woman

Jen Has Already Given Up

Jen was so mad that she could not look Ted in the face anymore. One day, she saw her daughter crying after their fight. She comforted her daughter that everything will be alright but deep inside she knew that their marriage is hopeless. Jen already decided to end her marriage with Ted. She talked to him about getting a divorce. She gave her conditions and requests for their daughter. Ted was so surprised that he don’t know what to do.

sleeping mother and child

A Spark Of Hope

While Jen was working with the paperworks for their divorce, Ted was starting to realize his mistakes and shortcomings as a husband. One day, he came home early and saw Jen and his daughter sleeping. He asked himself, “how can I do such a thing to Jen and my daughter?” Seeing his wife and child sleeping made him realize that he already have a family. He also realized that Jen did everything she could for the family. He cried that day.

couple walking

The Second Chance

Ted found out about a boot camp for couples who are struggling on their marriage. He told Jen about it but he did not promise anything. Jen thought it would be awkward but she said yes anyway. The couple joined the boot camp and had the chance to travel together. The couple were surprised that they still enjoy each others’ company. During a session, Ted cried when he realized that what he did was a terrible mistake. Jen saw Ted’s sincerity and finally have forgiven him. The couple finally realized that they still love each other. Divorce didn’t happen, love won.