How To Keep The Love Alive


In every love story, there is always conflict. This is not something you should be surprised about because a romantic relationship consists of two different people. Living together with harmony could be a struggle due to the difference of personalities. But if love is strong, it will conquer all the odds. Now, the only thing you just need to make sure of, is on how you can keep the love burning.

Don’t Stop Studying Each Other

Have you watched Fireproof? It’s about struggling couple who almost ended up in divorce. It started the “love dare” plan on how you can save your marriage. Familiarity kills romantic relationship. Don’t stop being crazy about love. Keep learning about what makes your spouse happy.

Reinvent Yourself

This is for women out there. We know that married life can be exhausting. You have to balance your time with house chores, work, children, plus you have to be a good wife to your husband. But don’t let yourself go. Give time to yourself, continue those forgotten passions you once had. Have a makeover and stay fit.

Give Each Other Space To Grow

Married life doesn’t mean that you have to be a nagger. Let each other have the time to enjoy. Support your partner’s interests and endeavors in life. You also have to give your time some space so that you can unwind and relax so you can be at your best.


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