Reasons Why You Should Not Get Divorced


Getting a new partner wont promise you  a happy ending. Observe how famous people get divorced after few years of marriage. They found someone new, felt the rage of love again, marry the new partner and get divorced again after few years. See, love is not about emotion because emotions are not stable. Love is a decision.

Think About The Children

Getting a divorce when you have children is probably the hardest decision you can make. The children longs for a strong family bonded with love. Like it or not, children will not understand it. They might act okay about what’s happening in your marriage but every child cares. They might develop behavioral issues and separation anxiety if you decide to proceed to end your marriage.

Divorce Is Expensive

Divorce is never cheap. It consists of legal consultations, paperworks, settlement agreements, court approvals and so on. Besides, if the problem in your marriage can be solved, why not attempt to rectify the issues in your marriage. Your children will be happy and you don’t have to spend on legal fees anymore. Instead, go for a vacation. Have a trip with your spouse somewhere just like what you did in your honeymoon.

There Is No Such Thing As The Perfect Spouse

Every person has defects emotionally. We are not perfect creatures. Getting a perfect partner is impossible because there isn’t one. In relationships, couples have to learn to compromise. Accept the fact that you will not always get what you want. Learn to accept the flaws of your partner and love them for who they are.