Christians join together to say 


Family Separation


Families are Sacred. Support Refugees.


Volunteer with the Interfaith Welcome Coalition welcoming and protecting the refugees who come through our city 


Support the strained Foster Care system through BCFS (be a foster family, or respite care provider)


Financially Support the Organizations listed below


"Adopt" a Refugee Legal Advocate (provide free office space, or financial support)

Advocate for just policies and laws that respect the sacredness of God's children


Join the Interfaith Welcome Coaltion


Support the churches in Northern Mexico that are sheltering hundreds of deportees a day

We have identified 15 churches that are feeding or sheltering refugees and deportees. They are overwhelmed by costs which amount to only $10/day.

Sign-up below as a church to begin a relationship with a supportive church in Mexico 

take action.

Love your neighbor.

End Family Separation today.

Sign as an Individual


Get regular updates one ways to respond to the immigration crisis in San Antonio and across the country


Join as a Church


Begin a relationship with a church in Northern Mexico that is sheltering refugees, or partner with a legal aid organization, or lawyer who is supporting detained and divided families.


Get a Short Course on how to be a helper

Support the Legal Organizations doing the work with broken families.

Support Social Workers caring for these children.

Partner with a church sheltering refugees.

Talk to your representative.



Pastor John on how to talk to children about what's happening to refugee families